Meet Safelet

With Safelet, the safety bracelet, you can notify your friends and  family where you are and that you need help. The Safelet + bracelet also allows you to dial an emergency telephone number. Safelet works via a Bluetooth Low Energy connection to a smartphone. This means that Safelet will hardly impact impact the battery life of your phone. Safelet is designed to protect you in situations where you are not able to reach for your phone and need to send out an alert fast.

Make sure you reserve your Safelet today. You will then be among the first to receive Safelet when shipping starts early 2015 and save $ 20 off the future retail price.

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The features of Safelet

Feel safeFeel safe

Go out and have fun, knowing that you are always connected and protected.

No panic, just clickNo panic, just click

Don’t worry about finding your phone. Just click on the Safelet and help will come.

Activates an alarmActivates an alarm

Click on the Safelet to let your guardians and the police know that you need help.

Exact locationExact location

When your guardians receive your alert, they will know where you are.

Safelet and Safelet+

Safelet Safelet+
Safelet app: Invite friends and family
into your guardian network
Sends text alert and location
to guardian network
Dials an emergency number
Price $99
now $79
Pre-order now!
now $109
Pre-order now!

Freedom is about feeling safe…

wherever you are without having to look over your shoulder… regardless if you are walking an empty street… or enjoying a stroll through the park…when you go home after a night in town… And to feel safe it helps to know that being by yourself does not mean that you are alone. The Safelet is designed to help you stay connected to people who care about you… your friends and family who combined, create your own personal Safety Network. Whenever you sense danger they will be there for you, as you will be there for them… because:

Safety is what we do for each other!






Stories that inspired Safelet

Read the stories >

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